My Fellow Americans……2

Well,Well,Well…. Mister Donald Trump… I just have to make a few comments about his latest “hoopla”

DONNIE,DONNIE,DONNIE you have a strange way of saying things,Most I agree with but this shit about blocking all Muslims from entering our country is to say the least is the dumbest thing I have heard out of any Presidential Candidate regardless being Republican or Democrat.Do you want to undermine our Constitutional rights? Freedom of religion or lack of is one of our Constitutional rights.   What you should be saying is: “We should block anyone regardless of their Religious believes,who are refugees coming from any country that ISIS is in control of any part of the said country.” But then again they have control over parts of almost every mid eastern country. Now I firmly believe all refugees from these country’s should be monitored every day they are here.But who will monitor them? Our government cannot because of our Constitutional rights to Religion. They have to be monitored by their peers , others of their faith which means we the taxpayers will not have to foot the bill to support them.If this is not done you know our government will be paying for the refugees places to live,food,clothing,education,medical bills,transportation and maybe even give them employment you know,the things they won’t do for American Citizens.

So much for DONNIE….

Now back to our President :Just one question for you tonight,since the San Bernardino shootings by Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik,have you changed your mind about Americans who wish not to allow the immigrants refuge in the U.S. are afraid of widows and orphans? That’s not only stupid,but I believe it’s just a little sexist ! This act of terrorism was done by a man and his wife! Yep,you guessed it she was a female,a woman not a widow perhaps but it shows everyone that acts of terrorism can be played out by a woman regardless if they are single,married or widowed! And as far as the orphans,have you not been watching any news programs,domestic or abroad? Have you not seen ISIS training the children? They beat,kick, yell and scream at these poor little guys until they have their heads so screwed up it’s not funny,so yes they will have to be monitored for the rest of their lives because you or no one else know for sure which of these orphans were sent by ISIS! Now I see why you are so scared of ISIS you can’t even call them by the name they have chosen for their group.Just who the hell is this group you call ISIL ? Hell maybe that’s why your so called plan isn’t working,your after the wrong group of people.

Ill be back with more tomorrow folks,I’m  getting so mad I might say something that is not true…..

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