Four Days Shot

I wake in the morning,rise from bed ready to meet the day…..

“ Mom,can I just have a bowl of cereal today I’m not really hungry and want to get to school early today? My friends and I would like to play before classes start”. “I really wish you would have a decent breakfast son but if that is what you want, ok”.

I eat quickly and head out the door to meet my friends on  the way to school. We meet up,Johnny,Bob,Jim and I.We walk and laugh at each others jokes,kicking a can someone has threw out in the street.We get to school and play a few silly child games before the first bell rings Then we enter the building still giggling over some silly remark Jim made.We all go through the daily routine and can’t wait for the end of the school day.

The final bell rings,we hit the doors running with the anticipation of having a little fun before we head for home.I suggest we go through the park,it’s on our way and mom wouldn’t care if I was a little late getting home and the park is a safe place to play a quick game of tag or hide and seek. There are people sitting on benches,jogging and other children playing on the playground swings.

The afternoon goes quickly faster than a child like me realizes.Before we knew it the sun was going down and it would be dark soon. “We better head out guys or we will be up to our eyes in trouble!” So we head for home.Bob and Jim went in one direction towards their homes,Johnny and I in another.Johnny soon left my side and walked towards his house,I had a few more blocks to walk and it was now dark.I knew I would be getting a well deserved spanking when I got home,so I was in no hurry.

The next thing I knew a car came speeding up the street.I hear a loud “CRACKKK” and feel something burning in my chest.It never really hurt,just a burning sensation then my body went numb and I fell to the ground.I lay there in the street unable to move,unable to speak.It was dark,my eyes were wide open but I couldn’t see.”My god what is wrong with me?” I said to myself. It seemed like an eternity before anyone came along. A woman that I haven’t seen before came up to me and started screaming.

What’s going on?” I ask,but she doesn’t answer.The next thing I know there are a bunch of people running around,crying screaming and yelling.I’m laying there asking “What’s wrong? What’s going on, why wont you people answer me? Then I hear a siren off in the distance,getting louder and louder then they go quiet.Now there are people squatting down next to me,one cutting my shirt off with a pair of scissors while another checks my pulse and said “No pulse!” and starts pushing on my chest.I feel the pressure but no pain.Then it’s like I fall into a deep dark sleep,and awaken inside of a moving vehicle with loud howling sirens blaring in my ears.That same person is still pressing on my chest counting 1,,2,,,3,,,4 Then all goes black again.

The next thing I see is my mom and dad standing beside me crying “Please don’t cry mommy.” I said but she kept crying “Please don’t cry daddy.” I said with still no response from either.Then all goes black again.

When I can see again I see the sun shining through a window,I’m cold but not a cold I have ever felt before. The next thing I know there is a man and a woman standing next to me.I hear them talking but can’t make out what they are saying.I ask “Who are you and what is wrong with me?”Again no answer and they pull a cover over my face and the darkness returns as I hear the slamming of a metal door.It seemed like an eternity before I seen anyone again.

This time there is a strange man cleaning me up and dressing me in my Sunday clothes and me wondering what the heck is going on.Then the darkness comes again as I watch something closing over my body,is it a door? I don’t know. “What is going on?’’” I ask myself. “Why won’t anyone talk to me? What have I done to make people so mad at me they won’t answer me when I ask them questions?”

I see they light of day again with people walking up to me whispering something to me but I can’t make out what they are saying,I try to rise but can’t move,I try to talk but can’t speak,I cry but no tears are falling.Then I realize it has gotten dark again.

The next thing I see is a bunch of people are sitting in front of a box covered with flowers,a man reading something from a bible and the people are crying.I feel a warmth come over me and a hand touch my shoulder.Only then do I realize that I am looking down on this crowd of people,not laying down,not standing next to or in front of them.I turn slowly around to see who’s hand was on my shoulder.There stood a man,smiling at me and he said “Look my child, those people are your family and your friends.They have came to show you that you are loved and to let you will be missed here on Earth”.

Then I began to understand what was happening.I knew I had been shot and had died and began to cry.The man took my hand in his and said “ Come my child it’s time,our father is calling us home”.