Am I Crazy……? Part 2

I’m back again with more!

I think all small towns have their very own town drunks,and we had ours.The two most memorable ones I remember were “Ioane(pronounced : eye-own) andGeorge”. The reason I remember these two is because They walked past our house on their way to the bar (or bars). We had three bars in our town ( four if you counted the bar in Britz’s Steak House) I don’t believe they ever made it to the steak house lol.Then every afternoon or evening when the embarked on the long stumble back home. It seems that almost every night one or the other would end up in the ditch just outside our bedroom window (in those days me and three brothers shared a bedroom).We would look out the window when we heard someone say “Shit!”, “Damn” and sometimes “Help” and alert our father  “ Dad,The old drunk is laying in the ditch again”.It was an every night thing,which wasn’t bad during the dry parts of summer but on those long rainy days that old ditch would fill with rain water.During the winter the ditch would be drifted over with snow. Either scenario could lead to disaster if “Ioane” or “George” would fall into the ditch or as “George” would sometimes say “resting”. With our vigilance they were always rescued and sent or helped down the street to their houses.

Now old “Ioane” she had a peculiar question she would always ask people either at the bars or even in the streets…”Hey mister,you got a cigarette?” (she would pronounce it  cigar-reat ).She would ask this even though she clearly had one tucked behind her ear lol.

Old “George” never really had any certain verbal sayings in particular that I can remember but one thing he did have was his magnificent white handlebar mustache! He looked like he just stepped out of an old western movie set.Only he was wearing modern times clothing and a Stetson hat instead of a cowboy hat.

I don’t remember what ever became of “ Ioane” I believe she was eventually sent to a nursing home in Canton,Illinois. As for “George”, one day we saw an ambulance come by home heading to his house and later seeing the ambulance attendants bring him out covered head to toe with a sheet.We all knew we would never see him again.

I’ll have to ask around and find more stories about these two or wait till I can find some more about them tucked away in the back of my memory files.

Until then,I hope you enjoyed meeting a few more of my childhood memories.

2 thoughts on “Am I Crazy……? Part 2”

  1. You left out the part of George making his own wine, in his barefeet… I remember Ione’s Ruby red lipstick…

    1. Hell yes,how could I forget those lol.I was going to put in when George was loading out his sheep and one wouldn’t go up the ramp into the truck and he grabbed a knife and stabbed it to death,ummmmmm!lamb chops!

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