What Happened to “Separation of Church and State”?

Have I missed something?Have we changed our Constitution?
Evidently we have,because recently I have learned that the Fulton County(Illinois)Department of Children and Family Services(D.C.F.S)were forced to make”cutbacks”due to lack of funding.The”cutbacks” have done away with the Family Caseworkers.
In their place they have to give their position to a “Private” entity Such as the Lutheran Social Services.
But,(here’s the catch)as far as I can tell “D.C.F.S.is still working with the families,along with Lutheran Social Services.To me,according to “our“Constitution one of these Offices should completely drop out of the picture!
I don’t know maybe D.C.F.S isn’t a State ran entity.If not,why are they funded by our State Government? Maybe the Lutheran Social Services has nothing to do with the Lutheran Church.If not,what right have they got to even use the”Lutheran” in their name?
Damn,that brings another question to mind,,,,,,Who is funding the Lutheran Social Services?
I guess I’ll have to contact some Government Office in Springfield,Illinois> for more information about all this.That is unless one of my readers can tell me something more on this subject(something I don’t already know).Hey I have an idea,why don’t you all just pop in and give me your thoughts on this subject:Our Constitution-Do our Government Officials follow it to the letter or do they just use the parts that favor their ideals.
My thoughts on this:DUH!They will twist and turn and bend it until it is a non-recognizable scribble of mumble jumble!
It doesn’t matter whether they are Republicans or Democrats or anyone else in office,they just want to line their own pockets,and cutbacks at the employees of the lower offices is one hell of a easy way to do that,even if they have to bend or change the constitution to do it.
Ok,I’ve blown off enough steam for today.Until the next time,,,,”Live life like there is no tomorrow,who knows there might not be!