What Happened to “Separation of Church and State”?

Have I missed something?Have we changed our Constitution?
Evidently we have,because recently I have learned that the Fulton County(Illinois)Department of Children and Family Services(D.C.F.S)were forced to make”cutbacks”due to lack of funding.The”cutbacks” have done away with the Family Caseworkers.
In their place they have to give their position to a “Private” entity Such as the Lutheran Social Services.
But,(here’s the catch)as far as I can tell “D.C.F.S.is still working with the families,along with Lutheran Social Services.To me,according to “our“Constitution one of these Offices should completely drop out of the picture!
I don’t know maybe D.C.F.S isn’t a State ran entity.If not,why are they funded by our State Government? Maybe the Lutheran Social Services has nothing to do with the Lutheran Church.If not,what right have they got to even use the”Lutheran” in their name?
Damn,that brings another question to mind,,,,,,Who is funding the Lutheran Social Services?
I guess I’ll have to contact some Government Office in Springfield,Illinois> for more information about all this.That is unless one of my readers can tell me something more on this subject(something I don’t already know).Hey I have an idea,why don’t you all just pop in and give me your thoughts on this subject:Our Constitution-Do our Government Officials follow it to the letter or do they just use the parts that favor their ideals.
My thoughts on this:DUH!They will twist and turn and bend it until it is a non-recognizable scribble of mumble jumble!
It doesn’t matter whether they are Republicans or Democrats or anyone else in office,they just want to line their own pockets,and cutbacks at the employees of the lower offices is one hell of a easy way to do that,even if they have to bend or change the constitution to do it.
Ok,I’ve blown off enough steam for today.Until the next time,,,,”Live life like there is no tomorrow,who knows there might not be!

3D cameo Tutorial for TwistedBrush

TB tutorial
3D Cameo

3D Cameo

Post by Some_1_2_talk_2

Page set to “Fill Space”
Step 1:Background/Gradient/set gradient to 4color/right click and Drag from left to right/release.

Step 2:Duplicate background
Radius X=40.6%
Radius Y=38% (Apply and Continue)
Bottom=100% (Apply and Exit)

Step 3: Duplicate (layer 2) you now will be on Layer 3.
Scale=7% (apply and Continue 2 times)
Filters/Process/Arithmetic Mean
Size=10.0% (Apply and Exit)
Step 4:Return to layer 2
Filters/Noise/Add Gaussian Noise
Monochromatic box checked (Apply and Continue)
Filters/Process/Arithmetic Mean
Size=10.0% (Apply and Exit)
Step 5: Go to Menu/Image/Rotate 90 Degrees right
Return to layer 3
Scale=9.0% (Apply and Continue)
Filter/Noise/Add Gaussian Noise
Monochromatic box checked (Apply and Continue)
Filters/Arithmetic Mean
Size=20.0% (Apply and Exit)
Step 6: Duplicate 1 time creating layer 5.
Return to layer 4/ Insert layer/past your photo into this layer/clean and blend all hard edges.
Step 7:Go to layer six/Make Visible/Set Mix Mode/Normal
Opacity=49 (Apply and exit)
You can Now delete the original background and add one of your your choice.


I’m pretty proud of this painting(although I did forget to paint the teeth),and that’s the reason for the copyright watermarks.
The actual (Original) size of this painting is 1752×943 pixels.I created this one with TwistedBrush Pro Studio version 17.28 with brushes I created.
Ken Calino is getting ready to release version 18.00 and I can’t wait to get the upgrade !!

Muskie created with TwistedBrush Pro Studio


Oh hell yes,we are right in the middle of Shroom season here in Central Illinois!
maybe not the kind of Shrooms certain young people are thinking.I’m talking Morels.
Morel season used to mean the world to me when I was younger and could get out and pick them myself.Now it’s”someone PLEASE bring me some” lol.
You might not get a “trip” from eating Morels,but you will get enjoyment.They go good with any meal but you can make a meal of them by themselves (which we do quite often).
I used to sell all the extras I would find for around $7.50 per pound and sell every single shroom.Now,they have become a very expensive business for most young “Shroomers” in our area with prices sometime exceeding $50.00 per pound.A good day can yield up to 50lbs.if not more. Can you imagine making $2500.00 a day? It’s possible,but the season is short lived.About mid-April til late-May is the hottest times to pick them.I have seen the season go to late June with the right weather.One year(years ago)an Uncle and I were out digging Ginseng(another hot commodity) early in the fall and we found some of the largest Morels we had ever seen.The weather evidently was just right that year,along with the area we found them(a North facing hillside of a deep gulley).
I never look for that to happen again as long as I’m around but who knows it may happen to someone, somewhere,sometime. I would like to hear some of your “Shrooming” stories,if you get time drop a few lines.
Until next time,have a good life!
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Nice "Shroom"

Garage fire in Bryant

Recently there was a garage fire in the small community of Bryant,Illinois. The Canton Daily Ledger had a minuscule report posted on their web site,which was misdirected and omitted many facts. They failed to mention that the closest Fire Department  is 3 miles away and the next closest is 6 miles away.The garage was fully engulfed,contained cans of gas and kerosene with several explosions with flames reaching 30 feet or more at times before the Departments were paged out.

The owner of the garage was between the garage and a neighbors house located about 15 feet away spraying the neighbors house with a garden hose to prevent it from catching fire,risking his own life. Below is a photo my son took with his cell phone before the Fire Departments arrived.At this point there would not be anything any Department could have done to save the structure when they arrived.The Fire Departments did what they could to contain the fire to the garage and prevent it from spreading to any of the surrounding residential structures.In the photo you can see the flames shooting out from the North side of the garage and just how intense the fire was before the Fire Departments arrived. I for one think these Volunteer Fire Departments deserve a little more respect from the public than what I have seen in the CDL comments.

Garage Fire

Olivia the Vampire

Halloween is getting close,and that’s great! Halloween is a special day for me and my wife,it just so happens that is our wedding anniversary.
This year marks our 33rd year together ( wow it sure don’t seem that long).
One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to either paint or manipulate photos of my grandchildren,put them in costume digitally using TwistedBrush Pro Studio(my preferred computer art program)Here is one I done a couple of days ago of our youngest granddaughter Olivia Marie.The original name of this manip is “Olivia the Vamp” but realizing there are a couple interpretations of the word “Vamp” I changed it for this blog.
I am hoping that I can find all the paintings and manipulations of my grandchildren to place them on my web site: Larry’s World of TwistedBrush Art
Anyhow here is “Olivia the Vampire” I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it.


Olivia as a Vampire
Olivia the Vampire


Don’t it always seem to go…..

I haven’t been raccoon hunting in years so I decided to break down and buy me a great coon hound.
My wife and I searched and searched the internet for a good “coonhound”,and we came up on what we considered a bargain.
The add stated that she was a “proven” treeing “coonhound”.The only problem was she was located in Kentucky.That alone should have been a red flag waving in front of me,,,but it wasn’t anything that really bothered me,after all Kentucky wasn’t that far from my home state of Illinois.
So After saving $200.00 for the trip and $500.00 that was being asked for the hound we decided to head out for a trial run with the dog.
I contacted the seller and asked if we could see her in action.The seller said “Why hell yes,y’all come on down this weekend and we’ll give her a good run!” We did just that,and we arrived at the address given us.We met with “Jim” (a fictitious name).We were greeted with the great southern hospitality,,,you know,,”Hey y’all welcome,come join us fer a bit o supper!”I know I shouldn’t have but I asked “What we having’ for supper?”
Jim politely said”Iffen ya have to ask,y’all ain’t very hungry!”(Hmmm,must have hit a soft spot)I apologized and we ate our supper.Now if you haven’t ate in a southern home you don’t know what your missing and if you have,,,you don’t know what your eating.
By the time we finished it was getting pretty late so I asked “Jim” “When we gonna run the dog?”He immediately answered”Hell we can go now,she has been raring to go since it got dark.”
So I got on my boots and what I considered good coon hunting clothes,good hiking boots a thin jacket and a hat.Jim laughed when he saw what I was wearing and he was wearing a pair of shorts and tennis shoes. We went to the kennel and let “Sue”(the hound not Jim’s wife who the hound was named after))out,and she ran straight for Jim’s truck.I said she sure acted like she knew what was going on,and “Jim said “Hell yea,she knows!”
We put her in the truck center seat(which was very impressive,at least she wasn’t sitting on my lap)and went out through his back pasture.We soon arrived at what “Jim” called his “South-Forty”. Well up north we consider this saying as forty acres,,,Wrong,,,,here it is his south forty miles.We hardly covered 1/2 the ground and already had treed and harvested 10 well matured “coons” and I told him I was sold on this dog! we hunted a bit more cause he wanted to prove her ability was out ranked by no other dog in the country.We ended up with 8 more “coons” that night.
When we returned to “Jim’s” home I handed him the $500.00 and called for my wife to come see how the hound had done. She was amazed.We left that night with high hopes for the hound and possibly a few bucks for our pockets for the furs.
I knew that it was going to be a long 8 hours drive back home,but I didn’t want to stay another night.I wanted to get home have a good nights sleep and take Sue out for our first hunt.We were about half way through Indiana when we decided to stop for a break at the next rest area.
We stopped and went to the rest room and as we were getting out of the car Sue jumped out and ran like a bat out of hell for the small area of timber beyond the restrooms.Sue started hitting trail as soon as she hit the timber and I yelled at my wife”Now that’s one hell of a hound!”I went back to the car and grabbed a flashlight and we began to follow the baying hound.After what seemed like hours Sue “struck” tree.Of coarse by this time My wife and I were all tuckered out and yes we still had to piss.We were getting close,,,closer,,,,closer then I spotted a set of eyes,then another.I knew the lower set of eyes were Sues,but the higher set were huge!I thought “Damn,that’s one big coon!”
We got a bit closer,and I had already decided this was not a coon.A bit closer and I seen the upper eyes were only about 3 foot higher than Sues.
Then,,,we were close enough to see Sue and her”Coon”,,,yea right,,,she had “treed” a milk cow !!!
We got a lead on Sue and headed back to the rest area.I put Sue in the car,went to the restroom,waited for my wife and got back on the road.
We could not believe she had done this! She showed such great promise in her ability to tree coon.I called “Jim” when we finally got home.
“Jim” apologized and said”Y’all bring her back and I’ll give yur money back and then some fer your Trouble.” I told my wife what “Jim” had said and she grabbed the phone out of my hands and promptly said to “Jim”….”HELL NO!!! Do you know how much a gallon of milk cost up here???

The Hunt
Cheep Milk

Will I ever find the time…

Hi all,here it is May and I still haven’t caught a fish! The wife and I have gone a few times but with little success.

Yea we caught a few small fish but nothing worth keeping.We like to have enough in the freezer to last us the winter and enough fresh fish to have at least a weekly fish fry for the family through the summer and fall.

I love all fish,but prefer a good carp for three reasons (1) When properly “Scored”and cooked a carp fillet comes in second only to Catfish in flavor. (2) Smoked Carp is better than smoked Salmon in flavor and texture (in my own opinion).(3) A Carp puts up more of a fight than any Bass I’ve ever caught! Serious,pound for pound a Carp will fight circles around a Bass.

Catfish,my second favorite fish are exciting to catch,and have a marvelous flavor.Channel Cat,Blue Cat and Flathead Catfish are abundant in our area and Fresh caught catfish taste a lot better than the “farm raised” catfish you buy in the stores.Another “little” catfish I grew up catching and eating is the Bullhead Catfish.Not many people around here fish for Bullheads anymore,maybe because there isn’t many places to catch them without a little work getting to.

Crappie is my third favorite fish,again hard to find in our area do to the fact that most waters around here are owned by the Chicago Sanitary District (MSDGC). More often called the Salmonella District by the “locals”.When you can find them usually in state owned waters they are a blast to catch but usually not of large size.Occasionally you can find a farmer who has a private lake or pond with some damn good sized Crappie stocked in them.

Bluegill,Sunfish or Brim as they are often called are a plentiful fish,nice flavor and  the little children and grandchildren have a blast catching them! I recommend this fish as a great fish for getting a child started in the fishing “game”.If you have ever seen the look in a child’s eyes or the look on their face when they catch their very first fish you have witnessed on of the most beautiful,exciting (and sometimes humorous) events you can imagine.Take a child fishing today.

Until next time,have a good summer.

Cody gets a big one!