Inpaint by TeoreX
I used to have an earlier version of this program until I had a computer crash,so I was glad Giveaway of the Day had it up again yesterday!
I love this program,it is fun and simple (mainly fun)to use.Below I will add a before and an after photo of a squirrel I have removed from it.

There are six (6) steps to removing an object:

Step 1:open file (picture you want to work on)

Step 2: Click on “select” and “Mask”

Step 3: Using the red dot select(trace over) the object you wish to remove.

Step 4: Click on “Deselect” and “Mask”

Step 5: Use the dot to remove the “Donar (green box)from areas you don’t want to clone as a replacement for the obect you wish to remove.

Step 6:Click the “Erase”button,this will remove your object and replace it with the cloned replacement(everything under the green you left on.

It may take a few times to get the hang of it,but it is a fun program.
Inpaint tutorial can be found in “Help” at the top of the program.

As I stated above “I love this program”,I use it strictly for removing unwanted objects from photos(once you use it you will know why.



Little "Mamma"

If you ever get a chance to purchase the Inpaint program you should or maybe Giveaway of the Day will have it up for grabs again some day!