Garage fire in Bryant

Recently there was a garage fire in the small community of Bryant,Illinois. The Canton Daily Ledger had a minuscule report posted on their web site,which was misdirected and omitted many facts. They failed to mention that the closest Fire Department  is 3 miles away and the next closest is 6 miles away.The garage was fully engulfed,contained cans of gas and kerosene with several explosions with flames reaching 30 feet or more at times before the Departments were paged out.

The owner of the garage was between the garage and a neighbors house located about 15 feet away spraying the neighbors house with a garden hose to prevent it from catching fire,risking his own life. Below is a photo my son took with his cell phone before the Fire Departments arrived.At this point there would not be anything any Department could have done to save the structure when they arrived.The Fire Departments did what they could to contain the fire to the garage and prevent it from spreading to any of the surrounding residential structures.In the photo you can see the flames shooting out from the North side of the garage and just how intense the fire was before the Fire Departments arrived. I for one think these Volunteer Fire Departments deserve a little more respect from the public than what I have seen in the CDL comments.

Garage Fire