Am I Crazy……? Part Four

In my previous post on this section I talked about the past years but this post is about the present.

We just had our Halloween trick-or-treat time of year 17 days ago.I wanted to say a bit about how things went here in the “Big City”.

First thing,let me just tell you the way it used to be then the way things are now. During my childhood days here in Bryant,Illinois on Halloween was much,much different. It used to be two nights of trick-or-treating,the night before and Halloween night.We would leave our house and within an hour we would have a huge paper grocery bag filled to capacity with candy.

Now it is just a few people who pass out the “goodies” to children.It seems like no one gives a hoot anymore.This is really disappointing to those children who does not have a way to go out of town.It used to be fun but now it is complicated.My wife and I were married on Halloween and used to have family and friends over for a wienie roast after the kids all done the trick-or-treat thing. Now we have to schedule the event for a night when everyone can have a night off from work and the kids have a day off from school.Weekends work well for the children but not all the parents have weekends off.So here we go again,another year past and a new one will be starting.We always try to make plans so all our grandchildren will be able to go to other area towns (it’s hard to organize 20 grandkids at once).

 Things are complicated nowadays but one day (and night) out of the year I truly wish we could have things the way they were: October 31

To be continued………