Month: October 2013

Am I Crazy……? Part Three

I remember there were nine businesses in town,three Bars,three Stores, a Steakhouse, a Gas Station and a Greenhouse THE STORES: “Bernice’s Store” was more than just a store,she also sold gas, Sinclair Gas (you know the one with the big green brontosaurus on their sign).Also she had a small diner.Bernice Dugan owned and ran this […]

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Inpaint by TeoreX I used to have an earlier version of this program until I had a computer crash,so I was glad Giveaway of the Day had it up again yesterday! I love this program,it is fun and simple (mainly fun)to use.Below I will add a before and an after photo of a squirrel I […]

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Am I Crazy……? Part 2

I’m back again with more! I think all small towns have their very own town drunks,and we had ours.The two most memorable ones I remember were “Ioane” (pronounced : eye-own) and “George”. The reason I remember these two is because They walked past our house on their way to the bar (or bars). We had three […]

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