I’m pretty proud of this painting(although I did forget to paint the teeth),and that’s the reason for the copyright watermarks.
The actual (Original) size of this painting is 1752×943 pixels.I created this one with TwistedBrush Pro Studio version 17.28 with brushes I created.
Ken Calino is getting ready to release version 18.00 and I can’t wait to get the upgrade !!

Muskie created with TwistedBrush Pro Studio


Oh hell yes,we are right in the middle of Shroom season here in Central Illinois!
maybe not the kind of Shrooms certain young people are thinking.I’m talking Morels.
Morel season used to mean the world to me when I was younger and could get out and pick them myself.Now it’s”someone PLEASE bring me some” lol.
You might not get a “trip” from eating Morels,but you will get enjoyment.They go good with any meal but you can make a meal of them by themselves (which we do quite often).
I used to sell all the extras I would find for around $7.50 per pound and sell every single shroom.Now,they have become a very expensive business for most young “Shroomers” in our area with prices sometime exceeding $50.00 per pound.A good day can yield up to 50lbs.if not more. Can you imagine making $2500.00 a day? It’s possible,but the season is short lived.About mid-April til late-May is the hottest times to pick them.I have seen the season go to late June with the right weather.One year(years ago)an Uncle and I were out digging Ginseng(another hot commodity) early in the fall and we found some of the largest Morels we had ever seen.The weather evidently was just right that year,along with the area we found them(a North facing hillside of a deep gulley).
I never look for that to happen again as long as I’m around but who knows it may happen to someone, somewhere,sometime. I would like to hear some of your “Shrooming” stories,if you get time drop a few lines.
Until next time,have a good life!
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Nice "Shroom"