Will I ever find the time…

Hi all,here it is May and I still haven’t caught a fish! The wife and I have gone a few times but with little success.

Yea we caught a few small fish but nothing worth keeping.We like to have enough in the freezer to last us the winter and enough fresh fish to have at least a weekly fish fry for the family through the summer and fall.

I love all fish,but prefer a good carp for three reasons (1) When properly “Scored”and cooked a carp fillet comes in second only to Catfish in flavor. (2) Smoked Carp is better than smoked Salmon in flavor and texture (in my own opinion).(3) A Carp puts up more of a fight than any Bass I’ve ever caught! Serious,pound for pound a Carp will fight circles around a Bass.

Catfish,my second favorite fish are exciting to catch,and have a marvelous flavor.Channel Cat,Blue Cat and Flathead Catfish are abundant in our area and Fresh caught catfish taste a lot better than the “farm raised” catfish you buy in the stores.Another “little” catfish I grew up catching and eating is the Bullhead Catfish.Not many people around here fish for Bullheads anymore,maybe because there isn’t many places to catch them without a little work getting to.

Crappie is my third favorite fish,again hard to find in our area do to the fact that most waters around here are owned by the Chicago Sanitary District (MSDGC). More often called the Salmonella District by the “locals”.When you can find them usually in state owned waters they are a blast to catch but usually not of large size.Occasionally you can find a farmer who has a private lake or pond with some damn good sized Crappie stocked in them.

Bluegill,Sunfish or Brim as they are often called are a plentiful fish,nice flavor and  the little children and grandchildren have a blast catching them! I recommend this fish as a great fish for getting a child started in the fishing “game”.If you have ever seen the look in a child’s eyes or the look on their face when they catch their very first fish you have witnessed on of the most beautiful,exciting (and sometimes humorous) events you can imagine.Take a child fishing today.

Until next time,have a good summer.

Cody gets a big one!

More Art


The one that I painted and like the most is one I have done of a Snapping Turtle,I never entered him into the competition because he wasn’t finished by the shut off date for uploading paintings in the competition.I have re sized it to fit this blog.I hope you like him.

Well until next time,”Keep on painting”.