Another Saturday rolls around.Finding myself woken from a good sleep I stumbled through the house to the coffee maker.I just noticed the time was 7 a.m. and asked myself “Why the hell am I up this time of morning”?Considering I usually don’t go to bed until around 3 a.m.I thought this was a good question and worth pondering.
I first noticed no one was in the house,I was alone! This is a scary thought because our oldest son and his three children are staying with us(again)until he gets back on his feet after his recent divorce and job layoff.(another story about this may come in the future,,,now back to mine.) I drank my first cup of coffee and was able to focus on things a little more clearly and began to hear voices from the back yard.I started to drink my second cup of coffee and decided to see what was going on outside.
For some reason I just kept thinking something was wrong,when I opened the door and walked out I saw that my thinking was correct.All the tree limbs and branches left by a previous storm were gone,all the grandchildrens yard toys were stacked up neatly in one place.Then came the real shocker,,,,my oldest son’s three children and the oldest daughter of my youngest son were all there,rakes in hand cleaning the yard! Now these are the little terrorist who like to rip flowers and plants up by their roots.There had to be something wrong!
So I walked back into the house to find the father,or at least my wife to see what was going on.I found my wife,and she told me the whole story. It seems that the three of my son’s children had seen the last day of school 2 days prior and kept my son awake til the wee hours of the morning causing him to drag all the next day at work.He recently got called back to work and really wasn’t back into the swing of things.So knowing he didn’t have to work today he went and woke the children around 5 a.m.,had them dressed and outside working their butts off,just to show them what it was really like to work when you have little sleep.He gave them a schedualed day with one break in the morning,lunch hour,and another afternoon break.
I think his plans kinda backfired,cause they thought it was fun.My youngest son’s daughter (age 3 who was staying for the night)
was eager to go back out during their afternoon break asked the others “You wanna go play again?” The oldest of the three told her “We can’t,dad is making us take a break.” If I remember right most of the “adult” workers where I worked would throw a bitch fit if they would have to go back to work even a few minutes before our break ended. I guess what my whole reason for this blog is……where the hell did we lose our childhood thinking? You know,the thoughts of “Gee,this is fun!Why do they call it work?”and “Why do they make us go inside to sit right when the playng gets fun?”…..Just a few thoughts people,see you all later.

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